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Achieving Dreams Since 1986; Purpose Helping You Achieve Yours

Creator of Dream Program and Dream to Destiny, following her 7 Step method for 24+ years

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How she left Corporate America to start her own technology company. (Sample of DVD series)

“Become who you’re meant to be; step into your Destiny.”

Partial list of realized dreams (4 days to 5 years):

  • Featured on ABC hit TV show for 8+ years
  • “Dream to Destiny” selling around the globe, mentoring many
  • Founded a successful technology company (ACI) for close to a decade
  • Life partner introduced himself within 2 months of Dina completing DreamTouch™, in this program
  • Built their Dream Home
  • 2 patent pending products voted “Top Recession Busters” by The LA Times*
  • Sold Intellectual Property to a major corporation
  • Sold 11+ luxury homes in less than 1 week
  • President’s Club & Top Sales for 2 Fortune 500 technology companies
  • Moved to the city of her dreams, Sunny Phoenix, AZ from the Midwest

Education: Bachelor of Science, RLI Master Graduate, Covey Leadership, Dale Carnegie Institute, Maui Mastermind

“All things are possible for those who Ask, Believe and Take Action.”

Elnora Farmer “Thank you so much, Dina, for your continued support and mentorship! I am realizing my dreams! In the last three weeks, my marriage has strengthened and I have been able to identify a hidden passion that I will be using to pursue several business opportunities in health and fitness. It has been so valuable utilizing the KeyCards while visualizing.” – Elnora Farmer, Atlanta Georgia


Karen Lee “Thank you Dina Fuleihan Beauvais You are such an inspiration and source of great positive support as I work my way to not only figuring out, but manifesting my dreams. I’ve had one huge dream for 15 years, and if anyone can help me achieve it… you can. Using the Dream Program is helping me so much. My dreams are starting to emerge. You are awesome!” – Karen Lee, Nanaimo, British Columbia

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