Staying Focused on Your Dream Goal

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How do busy people diligently follow the Dream Program Method when life has us running in 10 different directions? See what a customer recently wrote to me and read my response below. Most of us can relate to what she’s feeling. We just need a few tips and tricks to keep us focused on our goals and dreams.

“Dina, I’ve been trying to follow the Dream Program for a while now but can’t seem to stick with it! I’ll do well for a little while, even manifesting some small things. Then I’ll slack off and stop doing it. I don’t know how to train myself to stick with it. Do you have any tips on staying with it when things get busy and overwhelming? When I have a lot of irons in the fire I seem to lose my focus. I hate to admit it, but this isn’t the only thing I lack focus on when things life gets crazy.

I am home during the day with my kids and I work at night. I hardly have a second to myself most days & find it hard to do my visualizations without someone screaming at the door for me. 🙂

Since you’re a mom & entrepreneur, I’m hoping you may have some tricks/tips to share to keep my manifesting on track. Thanks so much, Jo”

My Response:  “Hi Jo, thanks for reaching out to me. Here’s what I do to stay focused on my Dream Goals as I follow our method.

– Make photocopies of the front and back of my current KeyCard™ and place them in the following locations so that I can refer to them whenever there’s a free moment:  Next to the bed, in the bathroom, inside the medicine cabinet, at my desk, inside the book I’m reading as my bookmark, in my car, in the kitchen, etc. As I go throughout each day my goals and dreams are always in my peripheral vision feeding the subconscious mind.
– Whenever I have a few minutes I meditate on my dream sketch (on back of my card) and pray for God to lead me to it quickly.
– I Memorize my KeyCard™, front and back. This way it’s easy to go through it in my mind before and after a nap or bedtime.
– Throughout the day I thank God for my gifts, talents and passions (listed on front of the KeyCard™).
– Throughout the day I think about my biggest dream goal and the picture of it on back of the card. Feel the feelings now and ask God to lead the way.

-With your cell phone, take a picture of the front and back of your KeyCard™. Save it and look at it whenever you have an extra minute.
Key, be sure to follow every Divine nudge that you receive because these usually lead to your dream goal either directly or indirectly. People who don’t manifest much tend to be weak when it comes to this essential action step. Tell yourself often, ‘I take action on every lead that comes my way.’ Then, do it!”

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Live Your Dreams!

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