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You’re going to get inspired into action when you read this blog. Susan Babbington shares her amazing success story of bringing her dreams into her reality after applying the Dream Program method outlined in the “Dream to Destiny” book.  Dreams can and will come true when you ask, believe and take action on the leads given to you by God.

Here’s Susan’s testimonial after applying the simple steps laid out in “Dream to Destiny” for almost 2 months. Her video testimonial is coming soon. Susan wrote the following to us on October 22, 2010:

“Everything I say here is true and is happening NOW!  Thank you a million times for changing my world to a much better one!
My life was in a shambles. My financial picture was bleak. I was struggling to pay bills each month, having to go into my dwindling savings account. My income is based on what I make in tips and with the economic slump, my earnings were down substantially. I’m also a substitute teacher and I was getting no calls from the school district to teach.

I have been plagued with health issues for 2 years. There was seemingly no end in sight with medical tests, perscriptions and doctor visits. Every night I went to bed worrying about my health.

My computer, which is my lifeline to the outside world, was on the blink. There was no way I could replace it. Estimates on how much it would cost to fix it were way beyond what I could afford.

Then one gloomy Friday night at the end of August, my whole world became brighter. I watched an episode of “Wife Swap” and was introduced to the Beauvais family and the book “Dream to Destiny” by Dina Beauvais. I ordered the book the very next day.

As soon as I got it, I began to apply the principals in the book, following it specifically as Dina has outlined.

Almost immediately, my life started to change! My tips rose dramatically, which may be a result of my changed, happy attitude.

I had my very LAST medical test, which came back ‘free and clear’! No more medication and no more Dr. visits for one year which means no more worries when I go to sleep.

The school district not only started calling me more, a principal at my favorite school offered me a full-time substitute position for my favorite class, third grade.

A family member and I had been very close in the past but hadn’t spoken in while due to a silly argument. Out of the blue, he emailed me and wanted to talk to fix our disagreement. We are very close again, talking everyday on the phone.

The laptop was the biggest surprise. A friend of mine had borrowed my Dell laptop and returned it broken! Of course I was angry and upset. There was nothing the store could do to fix it as the mother board was burned out. He made no mention of replacing it, even after I asked him what he was going to do about it. Thank Heavens, a friend of mine was moving and offered me his old Dell PC which was fine but an outdated dinosour of a machine which I had been using for the past year.

Two nights ago, I came home to find two packages waiting for me – a Mac Pro laptop with a new color printer! A present from the person who broke my laptop last year! What a great surprise. All animosity melted towards this person and we are friends again.

I have been cooking healthier for my son and myself. I am back at the gym every day, concentrating on cardio and weights. I want to be able to enjoy my future grandchildren!

My life has changed dramatically after following the principals in “Dream to Destiny”. There are many more things I’m working on to make my life the best it can be.  The only way to do this is to “be my best me” (as Dina says) and to do my best each day.

I cannot wait to experience all the great things life has to offer. Thanks to “Dream to Destiny”, I’m going to be able to do just that!”

We are so grateful to be receiving many stories like this from across the U.S.  Our dream is coming true too, bringing HOPE to people everywhere to believe in their dreams and then to manifest their reality when they tap into The 3 Powers.  Stay tuned for our “Dream to Destiny TV Show” coming soon.

Live your dreams!

Dina Beauvais

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