How to sell your house FAST

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Here’s how I’ve sold every house I’ve owned within 1 week over the past 20 years. This process simply helps us to increase our faith. When we ask the Creator of the universe with full faith and a surrendered attitude, He promises to give us that which we’re asking for. According to our faith it will be done for us. Ask and you shall receive when you have complete faith. Below you will find a few simple steps to help you have full faith in what you are asking for.

1st  First of all you have to truly want to sell the house (or have something) with all your heart. (If you want to sell it half-heartedly this method won’t work.)

2nd  Hand draw the outcome that you strongly desire. In my drawings you’ll see a house and a stick figure of me handing the new owner the keys to my house. You’ll see a “sold” sign in our front yard and the net amount of money due me.

3rd Hang your artwork in a prominent place where you’ll see it often.

4th Make a point to look at your picture throughout each day. Close your eyes visualizing God bringing the buyer and the deal you want.

5th Persistently Ask Infinite Wisdom  to bring you what you want according to His will and to give you definite leads. Thank Him in advance for answering your request.

6th Take Action on ALL the leads He gives you. There’s no time for procrastination. The sudden ideas you’ll get are from Him so take action on these leads.

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Hope this helps you.


Dina Beauvais

Author of Dream to Destiny and creator of the Dream Program Kit

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