How Sherrie’s Dream Manifested

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After a few months of Sherrie Clayton (Sher) using her “Dream Program Kit”, her first dream became her reality!

Written by Sher, the mom who swapped lives with Dina Beauvais in their Hit ABC Wife Swap episode.

“For the past several months I’ve been working the Dream Program. Previously my daughter talked about coming to live near me in Pennsylvania from Illinois. (We moved to PA after our episode premiered on ABC.) My daughter changed her plans saying it would not be the best decision for her family to move across state lines. I was so disappointed with her decision! When I started working the Dream Program, my number one “dream goal” was that all my kids would live near. My daughter was the only one missing as my two sons live at home. Morning and night I prayed and manifested my daughter living nearby. I visualized us all playing games together, doing Karaoke and sharing meals as a family. I could see us spending mother daughter time shopping, talking and just being together. Additionally, I pictured being a positive influence on my grandson who I missed terribly. I imagined hugging him and playing games with him. I never talked to my daughter about this and figured for her it was a moot point. God is powerful and He can do anything! Through my prayers, visualizations and following the Dream Program, I knew that God would make my dreams come true. A couple months ago my daughter called me and asked if I would go look at a house nearby for her. She told me not to get my hopes up but if God opened doors for them, she was going to try to move here. Well, about a week ago my dream came true! My daughter found the home of her dreams just 20 minutes from me! My son-in-law went on three job interviews and received offers from all three making more money than he was making in Illinois! WOW! My daughter worried about my grandson’s transition after living in the same place all his life and was worried about the school. She always disliked the school he had been in feeling they didn’t have an interest in the kids. Well, lo and behold, I was at their home to greet him after his first day of school once they moved here and he was so happy! He had a great day and his teacher was so kind. She wrote my daughter a note telling her that he did great and got along very well with the other children. He said he made a lot of friends and that he loved it! He just had his first play date with a neighbor child across the street. God has opened every single door for them and eliminated all their concerns! My daughter is so grateful to have moved here! I couldn’t be more thrilled to have all my babies nearby now!

Be faithful, surrender and God will be faithful to you. The Dream Program is important because it reminds you to keep God on your mind at all times! Follow “The 7 Keys” and pray over your “KeyCards” as often as you think about it but surely when you wake-up and when you go to sleep. The Dream Program is an invaluable tool in your walk with God! I would only put it second to my Bible and in fact they sit together on my nightstand. I also love journaling with the Dream Program journal. I was never one for doing this before but it helps me to look back and see where I was, where I’m going and where I’m at today. You’ll never be sorry if you use the Dream Program, I promise you that!”

Thank you, Sherrie, for sharing your amazing, faith building story! This is a great reminder that Infinite Intelligence (God) manifests our dreams according to our faith and actions. May we never give up on our dreams! They were planted in our hearts by Divine Design. We believe they lead to our Divine Destiny here on Earth.

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6 Responses to “How Sherrie’s Dream Manifested”

  1. admin Says:

    Charlie, Thank you for your question. Actually, God miraculously moved Sher’s heart and she contacted me out of the clear blue a few months ago. Her life had spiraled downward and she wanted to give the Dream Program a shot. It’s changing her life for the best. See what Sher says here
    Live Your Dreams, Dina Beauvais

  2. Sher Clayton’s Testimonial | The Dream Program Says:

    […] In 5 months Sherrie’s 1st Big Dream Manifested! Sher tells her story Here… […]

  3. sher Says:

    charlie, i wanted to tell you myself that i have not received a penny from dina, any of her reps, her program or anyone for that matter in exchange for my testimony. nor have i been promised anything. as a matter of fact, after not speaking to the beauvais family for more than a year, i reached out to dina after much prayer and god leading me to call her. yes, out of the blue, cause she was the last person i ever thought i might call. i am grateful she even spoke to me again cause i was pretty nasty to her in my last email before we talked again. i even told her if it did not work for me, i would just go on about my business and not make it public but that if it did i would shout it to the heavens and so i do. i am a very honest person and you would not see anything about me on this website if i didnt think it was absolutely true. as a matter of fact, in the beginning i was threating dina with legal action if she so much as used my family name on her site for anything. i believe i still have all the emails and can prove that. so, dont take my word for it but if you get an urge, get the program and do as she says and you wont believe the difference either. i have talked to so many people now who have followed it and i wish i could tell the world about it. your not gonna be handed the world, you will have to put work into it, but the sky is the limit, god will answer your prayers and the dream kit will help you along the way. god bless you and i wish you well!

  4. Bonnie Jean Says:

    Greetings! I just watched the W.S. show a couple of nights ago and was impressed enough with this show to do a search of your last name and your web site popped up and here I am! 🙂
    I just wanted to say, I think it’s pretty cool to read a testament from a real person that I believe you to be.
    Bonnie Jean 🙂

  5. Summer Says:

    Hi Dina. Im 11 years old and a little overweight. I did try the special k challenge but it failed. I want to know about manifesting and how it can change people’s lives. Is it Christian? Is it illegal? I want to ask my Mom and I will but I would like some feedback from you after reading how you changed peoples lives. Thanks so much

    P.S Make it kinda quick because I want to lean by school in September.

  6. admin Says:

    Hi Summer, You’ve got to get our book, “Dream to Destiny” available at, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & you can order it from most bookstores. In this best seller, we explain exactly how to manifest dreams and goals in 7 practical steps, including fitness goals. It is based on Scriptures in The Bible and I am a devout Christian. We respect other religious views which is why we often say “Higher Power”, “Infinite Intelligence” and the like, in our book. The “Dream Program Kit” includes our book. The new & improved kit is what I highly recommend for you available on our website and on Amazon. Follow the 7-steps to lose weight. Take actions on the Divine nudges that you’ll receive such as making healthy food choices- eating lots of raw, organic fruits and veggies, salads w/ low fat or home made dressings, lean proteins and proteins from plants such as lentils, edamame & Tofu. Get plenty of exercise, 30-60 minutes per day. Don’t eat after 8pm. See this blog Let me know how this goes for you.

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