Sherrie Clayton’s Testimonial

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“My life has turned around for the better thanks to God, the Dream Program & Dina Beauvais! The Dream Program is all about God & His promises. If you want to learn more I highly recommend the Bible & Dina’s book, Dream to Destiny.”

~Sherrie Clayton, “Beauvais/Clayton Wife Swap Episode”  

In 5 months Sherrie’s 1st Big Dream Manifested! Sher tells her story Here…

See Sher’s Amazon Book Review HERE…

Thank you, Sher, for your incredible testimonials and book review! This is a dream come true for me, after all we went through together.

In early September Sher emailed me after 16 months of us not talking. We swapped lives and families on ABC’s Hit TV show, Wife Swap. Our show premiered May 7, 2010 and has aired many times after. Soon I’ll be writing about Sher’s story and how she’ll be featured on our new reality TV show, “Dream to Destiny”. We are thrilled that Sher is going after her dreams using this spiritual program which is now a non-profit. By being a 501c3 non-profit we can help many more people achieve their dreams when others donate money, cars and other items as a tax deductible donation.

More great news is coming very soon. (Please send your Dream Program testimonial with your picture to and post a review on Amazon.)

Sher with her husband, son & Grandson

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10 Responses to “Sherrie Clayton’s Testimonial”

  1. Dina Says:

    Thank you, Sher, for your testimonial. We continue to pray that all your dreams will come true for you and your family. Love, Dina

  2. T1theinfamous Says:

    Absolutely amazing.

  3. Kathy Delaney Says:

    So happy for you Sherry. I know God wants you to have an abundence of blessings both for you and your family.

  4. Kathy Hadley Says:

    Dear Dina,

    I spent some time looking for you online after I saw you on a re-run of wife swap last night.

    This alone is amazing because 1) I rarely watch TV and 2) when I do watch TV, I don’t watch wife swap.

    However, I do not think anything happens by accident.

    Once I saw you at the beginning of the show, I immediately related to you as I too, used the power of positive thinking and learning and applying universal laws to improve my own life and then to help many other people all over the world improve theirs.

    Although it took some time, when I finally found your site and read the amazing transformation that Sherrie Clayton achieved in her life with the help of your program (given where she was and her initial attitude about your methods) I was flabbergasted to say the least.

    Good for Sherrie and thank you for your great tranformational work.

    I would like to be in more contact with you so am also sending you an email.

    I very much hope to hear back from you.

    In great thanks and appreciation,

    Kathy Hadley

  5. admin Says:

    Thank you, Kathy, for your encouraging note! Isn’t it amazing how God works! He miraculously moved Sher’s heart to give the Dream Program a shot because her life had spiraled downward. Sher is now one of our biggest supporters. See what Sher says here, it’s so inspiring! To God be the glory! Live Your Dreams, Dina Beauvais

  6. sher Says:

    kathy, i wanted to tell you i have met other people online who have a very similar story to yours in that they dont usually watch the show and happen to catch it. usually when they write to me they identify with me though. doesnt matte to me if you identify with me or dina. the truth is the truth and im here to tell you that the dream program is an absolute must in helping you a) have a stronger relationship with god and b) make your dreams come true. throw away all your other books (except your bible) pick up the dream to destiny program and follow it to a t. you will never need another book or program in your life. this is completely different than other self help programs. i didnt know this when i did the show because i was manipulated to believe differently by the production unit (they did their job very well). im usually not so easily manipulated but i was tired and just wanted to get it over with so if they suggested i followed. i was so mad at dina for more than a year after and am still in awe that god led me to contact her. it was the last thing i wanted to do and i just kept praying that i could do anything but that and i kept thinking about jonah and the fish. i knew if i didnt follow gods leading i would end up in the proverbial belly of a fish. i contacted her and i have never looked back. it was the best decision i ever made and i am grateful every day that god didnt give up on me. dina will now be one of my best friends for life, and while things are not perfect, they certainly have changed for the better in my life and i have no doubt at all that one day i will see all my dreams come true. dina teaches you that all things are possible through god and her program reminds you to always put god first and your world will change. god bless you and i hope all your dreams come true!!

  7. Gary Says:

    Sherr don’t know if you will read this but here is an idea for your very own invention that could help you lose weight.
    It’s based on the concept discovered by Atkins, that being that a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrate helps us lose weight.
    This is because carbohydrates like the foods you love, like refined sugar and flour, not only turn to fat in our bodies, they make us crave more of the same. Eating protein does the opposite. It makes us feel full and satisfied.
    My idea is to bring out your own cakes and cookies made with flour alternatives that are high in protein and low in carbs.
    Document your own weight loss, eating these items, can be part of the marketing. Ask Dena if she can add a link to your web site to help market your products that you manifested by going on wife swap.
    Hope this helps you to go from poverty to wealth 🙂

  8. sher Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks so much for your suggestion. I previously tried different recipes but wasnt impressed. Your post encouraged me to try some more with a specific one in mind. I will keep you updated.

  9. Suzanne Stone Says:

    I am a married mum of 4 living in the UK. I have recently lost my job, after having worked all the time while my children have grown up around me, my eldest is 21 and my youngest is 8. My husband works hard and although he is not a high wage earner he does his best and has vision for the future. I am at a crossroad, I awake most nights around 2am worrying about paying the bills and not being able to give my children the things in life I want to. I never watch utube but my daughter had been watching something and left it open. I stumbled across your episode of wife swap whilst looking for ours (we were on it back in 2005 in the UK and our families were similar to your episode) anyway I digress. The reason I am writing this email is it is looking like I am going to have to sell my house (that I had before I met my husband) due to my job situation and recently being diagnosed with epilepsy. The only way forward for us is to sell the house and buy a flat that needs an awful lot of work done to it. I was very worried about giving up my house to move my children into a flat, the chance of lifestyle from suburbs to a town centre, no garden, further away from school etc etc. After watching your episode, I feel motivated by Dina to be more positive and to install positivity to move children and husband. I have seen the move to the flat as a positive move after listening to Cher and that it will bring us closer rather than spread out across the house. They say things happen for a reason I believe tonight I came across your episode when I was truly feeling very low, frustrated and not looking forward to the future. Now I feel more positive and will be putting some things I have seen on the wife swap program into immediate effect in the morning. Your families have both been instrumental in my change of attitude…thank you.

  10. admin Says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Thank you for your post! Sher helped me realize as well that a smaller space for the family is better.

    You’ll love our Dream Kit which includes the Dream to Destiny book that’s changing people’s lives all over the globe. Check it out at

    Best Wishes,

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