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Continued from Part One, a letter from Jacqueline Jess, spiritual teacher from Kansas City, MO written to Mark and Dina Beauvais, authors of Dream to Destiny, creators of the Dream Program Kit and founder of DP, the Dream Program.

“… As you explain The 3 Powers & The 7 Keys I valued and applauded the unfolding of the scriptures around every corner for these are at the core of your book, Dream to Destiny

          Your explanation of faith:  ‘Believe that you have already received what you are asking for.  Feel it!  Thank God in advance for the answer to your request’. 

          Cancel all negative and replace with God’s word in positivity, thought and action are the way toward salvation and deliverance.

          I was so blessed, as I knew God had chosen just the right ones to write this most significant book.  I was not to write it but to undergird you as you wrote it.  Please know I am not taking credit for your book.  I am only rejoicing for the portion I was blessed to have in praying these years alongside Jesus in intercession for the birthing of this answer for such a time as this.

          Your DreamTouch Questionnaire (DTQ) is excellent along with the Manifesting Instructions and gift list.  The Key Cards are a must for longevity in achieving the changes ahead for each and every reader.

          I value the graphics of the “Destiny Wheel”; the work of “Dr. Masaru Emoto” is one of my favorites in showing clearly the power of our thoughts upon our lives. I was exhilarated to see the addition of the brainwaves, the “Three Circles” to finding your niche, the clever & powerful “Recession proof shield”, the vehicle was magnificent and each one triggers and advances those who will have ears to hear and eyes to see.  You touched as many of the five senses as you could at every turn. 

          I am sending many to your website & encouraging them to purchase from there or from Amazon.com as they will be enriched beyond what they could think or imagine.

          My book is underlined, it’s margins filled with notes, smiles & verses of scripture. 

          I am praying for you as you develop more in this most powerful gift from God.  I see you doing DVD’s, CD’s and workshops, training up coaches to teach on-site classes around the world.  I visualize a workbook coming and perhaps a devotional at some point.  The list could go on but you have the understanding, the vision and the creativity along with your obedience to God.

          The Focus DVD you chose is excellent along with the Sterling Silver key pendant to aid in remembering day & night to practice & speak/pray aloud.

          It has once again blessed me and was like coming along a dear friend where the foundation was already in place and we could soar together.

          Well done, Dina and Mark.  How pleased the Lord is with you both and your listening ear within the heart to walk this out.  Giving unto the people something of substance they can grasp and run with in changing their lives as they run into their destiny found only in the heart of God the Father.

          May the Lord Himself bless you for what you have done and may He reward you for your gifts.

          Abiding in His love and glory,

          Jacqueline Jess”

Thank you, Jacqueline, for taking the time to write this incredible letter to us. We are so grateful for you!

After we received this wonderful note in our mailbox, Ms. Jess sent us an email informing us that her short-term goals are manifesting very quickly, one after the other. Miracles can and will happen in your life too, when you choose to believe in what we’re teaching and take diligent action toward the attainment of your dreams.

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