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You and/or your people will get and stay motivated when you make the time to come to our Saturday afternoon Dream Workshops in Southern, California. (Over the next 2 months we’ll also be in Northern CA, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA doing inspirational dream workshops.) Two hours with us can change the course of your Destiny! We’re teaching people how to manifest their dreams, a practical how-to method that is so much more effective than The Secret. See our clients’ video testimonials.

Our Dream Program Kit was voted Top “Recession Buster” by The LA Times and was recently featured on ABC’s hit reality TV show, Wife Swap, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The China Post, InventRight and others. Our manifesting method is sweeping the globe and changing lives quickly. Come see what everyone’s so excited about.

“Thank you so much, Mark and Dina Beauvais, for teaching us all that The Secret left out.  Your method of manifesting dreams is so much more powerful than the law of attraction.” Dream Program Clients- Marge N., California and Jacqueline J., Missouri.

If you or anyone you know is near Southern CA, please forward this blog to them. Have them reserve their spot by buying an affordable ticket (only $15/person) for two hours of practical, dynamic teaching from TV personalities, entrepreneurs, motivators, authors, Mark and Dina Beauvais founders of the DreamProgram. Parents of troubled teens/young adults, college students, open-minded women of all ages and people who have been knocked down by the world typically LOVE the Dream Program.

Go to to get your tickets and reserve your spot. If you are having financial difficulty and cannot afford to join us please send us a comment expressing your desire to attend, the date of the workshop you wish to go to and an explanation of your hardhsip. We’ll see if you qualify for our scholarship program so that you may attend at no charge,

Our purpose is to help teachable people manifest their dreams. If you’re open-minded and willing to learn, your presence will be a joy to us all.

Become who you’re meant to be – step into your destiny! We’ll share with you The KEYS to manifesting dreams outlined in Dream to Destiny and our Dream Program Kit.

See our newly released book, Dream to Destiny and the Dream Program Kit at

We look forward to seeing you and/or your peeps over the next 3 weeks in CA! You may even qualify to be on our reality TV show, “Dream to Destiny”.

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