Thoughts Lead to Reality

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Testimonials are emailed to us often and we are SO thankful that many people around the globe have been led to our Dream Kit or Dream to Destiny book to turn their lives around. We teach how powerful our thinking is and that thoughts lead to our reality. Kylie’s story (below) demonstrates this fact. May you be encouraged and inspired to realize your dreams that lead to your destiny as well.

“Hi Dina,

I want to write to Thank you! Your appearance on Wife Swap changed my life. Nearly 2 years ago all was going really well for me but I was struck down with a virus which still affects me today in the form of fatigue among other symptoms. In January this year I ended up in the Emergency Department with an adrenal crash and the doctor ordered that I take six months off work. About four months into the six months off work, I binged watching Wife Swap and was watching your episode. Something in me clicked. I suddenly realized how focused on ‘sickness’ my thoughts had become. I was waking up thinking nothing but, ‘I am too sick to get up today’ and replaying the same message all day long then going to sleep focusing on how unwell I was.

The Sunday before watching your episode of Wife Swap my Pastor had prayed for me to get better, which caused me a measure of healing. After watching your show I immediately changed the way I thought. I looked at everything you had online and downloaded your book and I can’t begin to tell you how different my life is now. I immediately started to plan my perfect life and things quickly started to happen. I am now in a job where I earn exactly what I said I would earn, and I have written the book my Pastor predicted I would write. The book has 21 principles of how to think in a more positive way and is called ‘Changing Trains of Thought. My website is with the E-Book version of Changing Trains of Thought now available. The plan is to start running workshops aligning with the 21 principles in my book next year. I am believing now for this excellent life to continue through the years. So, thank you Dina, you have changed my life!”  Kylie Welch

Give a Tax Deductible Donation to the Dream Program, a Non Profit so we can help others achieve their dreams. For donations scroll down toward the bottom of the store tab.


Inspiring Testimonial to Live Your Dreams

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Thank you to Kari Johnson for her inspiring testimonial after following the Dream Program!  This is a must read…

“A couple of years ago, I was watching the Beauvais family on one of my favorite shows “wife swap”. I was intrigued by such positivity the family had by manifesting opposed to the family who lost their motivation in life. After the show, I researched the dream program and saved the contact information.

As a working mom, I found myself sitting at my cubicle as a sales representative. I was great at what I did, but I wasn’t happy at all…I felt miserable. Why am I putting myself through all of this just to make money that won’t even be enough to make it? I was living with my parents, my car was broke down, my fiance and I didn’t have enough for a wedding, and I had to bomb rides to work. I got tired of just “making it” I couldn’t take it anymore so I called Ms. Dina. She gave me so much motivation that I lost and encouragement. I went home and bought the book, it came in the mail and everyday and night, I read my key cards. Shortly after,I quit that job and started embracing my passion to make a small business out of it. I was surprised at how many people also embraced my passion too and wanted to buy. Wow! This is great, I thought.

A year later, I got married to the love of my life. We even have healthy baby girl that my daughter manifested since she wanted a baby sister! My husband got the job he wanted, and we moved away to a beautiful place that we prayed for. Now we wanted a new vehicle. So we prayed together in the car that we wanted and visualized driving it away in the parking lot. Next thing you know, the car salesman said it was ours! With God all things are possible. Just as it says in his word, “ask and you shall receive.” He is the God in control of ALL things and we all are blessed with a passion that he’s waiting on us to use. I thank Him for blessing the Beauvais family to bless others so that we may spread this beautiful Dream program!

-Kari Johnson

Live Your Dreams With This Program

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Ly in London

Ly just moved from Estonia to London, a dream come true.  She just sent us this note on how she’s been successfully following the “Dream Program Method” to achieve dreams year after  year. You’ll learn some practical tips and you’ll be inspired to persevere in the direction of your dreams as well.

“I’ve followed the Dream Program for one and a half years. Combining it with goal management tools & a vision board, I’ve had the best year of my life! Thank you so much, Dina, for writing Dream to Destiny! I re-read it once a year & update my prayer for an amazing upcoming year. It really works & helps me view the world from the positive side. It also brings me closer to God every day!”

Ly follows our 7 practical steps to achieving dreams outlined in our book, Dream to Destiny, and in our new Dream Kit. You can do it too.

Contact Us and send us your testimonials. Get your friends and family the gift that keeps on giving, the New Dream Kit.

Many Blessings,

Dina Beauvais

Co-Founder of the Dream Program

Rest in Peace, Sherrie Clayton

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It’s with great sadness for me to inform you that Sherrie Clayton (Sher) who I swapped lives with on Wife Swap passed away after battling cancer over the last few months. She left behind three wonderful children (her youngest is only 16 years old), a Son-in-Law, one grandchild and her husband.

Over the the past few years Sher became a good friend and faithful Dream Program follower/ supporter. Often we’d talk for hours on the phone, like sisters. Multiple times she told me that the Dream Program helped her realize she’s the daughter of a King who met all her needs. Sher’s in a better place now, free from pain and suffering. She will be missed.

Our non-profit’s accepting donations to help the Clayton family plan a celebration to honor Sher. (She wanted her friends and family to celebrate her life, her memory and her going home.) Any amount, large or small, is deeply appreciated by the Clayton’s.

“The generous will be blessed…” Proverbs 22:9

Feel free to donate with debit/ credit card or eCheck HERE.


Dina and Mark Beauvais

Tax Deductible Donation

Brain Training With Music

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NachoArimany water-1-2


Great friend and colleague, Dr. Lynne Kenney, psychologist, author and national speaker is spreading the word that music can improve brain function, self-regulation and motor timing, in children and adults.

Dr. Lynne and I are hosting an upcoming event in Phoenix, AZ that you or someone you know may wish to attend. It is a public event with limited seating. Use the techniques taught at this event to help your family, children and anyone who would like to add balance to their lives.

If you are a teacher or clinician you can earn continuing education credit for attending this event.

Nacho Arimany is a musician for the brain and composer of inTime, the new sound intervention from Advanced Brain Technologies. In March, Dr. Kenney trained at inTime, where she first met Nacho and learned more about music research.

Nacho is best known for his flamenco guitar, percussion, piano and harp, but he stresses you do not need to be a musician to benefit from sound. Simply listening changes your brain. Nacho teaches how to use your voice, body and rhythm as instruments of calming.

Nacho is on a national tour over the next 6 months. He is in Phoenix and Scottsdale June 5  and 7, 2014. Below is information on a current event. Feel free to share with interested colleagues. Individual music rhythm and timing sessions with Nacho are also available.

Learn the neurobiological underpinnings of sound with voice and movement exercises. Please join us for the Your Brain on Music LIVE WORKSHOP June 5th or 7th, 2014 and share with others who love brain development and music

Register for June 5, 2014 3 Hour Workshop Phoenix Here

Register for June 7, 2014 3 Hour Workshop Scottsdale Here

Please call Dr. Lynne Kenney with any questions, Lynne Kenney Music Event  602-481-6000

Living Our Dreams

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Thank you to Diane in Florida for sharing her very inspiring testimonial with me and allowing me to share it with YOU! May her story motivate you to persevere in the direction of your dreams. Never ever give up.


“Hi Dina,


I just had to write and tell you how much you have changed my life. Putting the principles you teach to work, having faith and showing faith, I have manifested things beyond my wildest dreams. Within one month of visualizing and praying about what I wanted in a soul mate, I met my husband and he is EVERYTHING I ever wanted. I always say if I could have hand picked all that I desired and put it into one man it would have been my husband. But I guess in some ways that’s exactly what I did after following the Dream Program.


Within six months of us deciding we wanted to move to Florida, I manifested the perfect job for him IN FLORIDA (it was also a move up in his career). We moved and got the exact apartment we wanted. I manifested the car I wanted, and now after living here for 10 months and checking out other areas, we’re moving to the apartment of my dreams! It’s on the water in Fort Lauderdale AND it’s much cheaper than we thought all because I prayed about it, dreamed about it, took pictures of it and now got it! The apartment manager just called me and a bigger unit right on the dock just became available.  This is the exact one I had taken a picture of when we first went there. It was my ‘dream’ unit… and I actually manifested that exact building!!! LOL I love it!!


My life is amazing and it’s worlds away from where it was just three years ago. I am so grateful for your book, Dream to Destiny, and so thankful that I saw you that day on Wife Swap! LOL


Really it’s all God.  I just did what you said to do and put my faith in my higher power, which for me is God. It really is so simple, Dina. I can’t believe people doubt it at all. But I guess without faith in a higher power, one can’t imagine what’s possible.


Next, I am changing the direction of my career because after reading your book I realized public speaking and teaching are my gifts. They always have been. I think I want to be a personal coach and/or science teacher, as well as an author! Since I was a small child I’ve had a gift for writing and have stifled that over the years. Now I am going to focus on making my dreams a reality in that area as well.


You are exactly the person I would want as a personal mentor and friend. God bless you for all the work you and Mark do. (If you would like to use this or any part of it as a testimonial feel free… I just ask that you not use my full last name for privacy reasons because of my husband’s job.)”


Diane F. in Florida

Thank You!

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Recently, I sent out an email and blog regarding Sherrie Clayton, the lady I swapped lives with on ABC’s hit show “Wife Swap”.  You might remember our episode.  I wrote in order to raise money helping the Clayton family with transportation, meals and other needs after Sher’s recent surgery and news of having Stage Four cancer in her lungs.  Many people gave and continue to give tax deductible donations to our nonprofit, Dream Program Assoc. (DPA) to help Sher’s family.  Thank you!  Your genuine kindness and concern for others in need touched and humbled my heart.

Many have been asking for an update on Sher’s progress.  To prolong her life she’s planning on receiving chemotherapy. (Without it the Doctor’s give her a few months to live.)  The Clayton family are firm believers in miracles so please join us in praying for miracles.

When you’ve been blessed with abundance consider donating to our nonprofit again and again.  Click HERE to make a donation using a debit/ credit card, eCheck or Paypal account and DPA will send the money to those in need who are striving to live their dreams, or in Sher’s case striving to stay alive.  Be a blessing to others and you’ll continue to be blessed.

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward them for what they have done.”   ~Proverbs 19:17

Click HERE to make a donation using a debit/ credit card, eCheck or Paypal account:

Thank you,

Dina Beauvais


Update on Sherrie Clatyon

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Sherrie Clayton, who we swapped lives with a few years ago on Wife Swap, became a dear friend over the last two years.  Recently she’s been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that has spread to her lungs.  She’s been in the hospital since last Monday, and is now recovering from major surgery.  A basketball size cancerous tumor was removed from her stomach.

The Clayton’s are without a car and Sher’s husband has been unable to work in order to care for her. To help the family with transportation, meals and other needs we are asking you to make a tax-deductible charitable gift of any amount to help the Clayton’s during this difficult time.  ALL of the proceeds (100%) will go to help the Clayton family.  Please make your donation to our 501c3 nonprofit – Dream Program Assoc. – using the link below.

Sher with her husband, son & grandson

Sher with her husband, son & grandson

If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to ‘Dream Program Assoc.’ and mail it to our business address below.  We’ll generate receipts for donations of $250 or more, as required by the IRS, sent to you by email or regular mail.

Please pray for Sher’s full and speedy recovery, and for her family as well.

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward them for what they have done.”   ~Proverbs 19:17

Click HERE to make a donation using a debit/ credit card, eCheck or Paypal account:

Thank you so much for your support!

Mark & Dina Beauvais

Dream Program Assoc.

21001 N. Tatum Blvd

Suite 1630-472

Phoenix, AZ 85050

Free Inspiring Song For YOU!

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Happy Holidays!

“Mary Did You Know?” is our favorite Christmas song ever!  The link below plays it over and over in a loop and it displays the words so you can sing along :-).  Enjoy!

Click here for Mary Did You Know? Song

Many Blessings to YOU & Yours,

Dina & Mark Beauvais

P.S. Re-take our DreamTouch™ Questionnaire (DTQ™, in Dream to Destiny) at the end of each year to stay on track Living Your Dreams in the New Year!

Staying Focused on Your Dream Goal

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How do busy people diligently follow the Dream Program Method when life has us running in 10 different directions? See what a customer recently wrote to me and read my response below. Most of us can relate to what she’s feeling. We just need a few tips and tricks to keep us focused on our goals and dreams.

“Dina, I’ve been trying to follow the Dream Program for a while now but can’t seem to stick with it! I’ll do well for a little while, even manifesting some small things. Then I’ll slack off and stop doing it. I don’t know how to train myself to stick with it. Do you have any tips on staying with it when things get busy and overwhelming? When I have a lot of irons in the fire I seem to lose my focus. I hate to admit it, but this isn’t the only thing I lack focus on when things life gets crazy.

I am home during the day with my kids and I work at night. I hardly have a second to myself most days & find it hard to do my visualizations without someone screaming at the door for me. 🙂

Since you’re a mom & entrepreneur, I’m hoping you may have some tricks/tips to share to keep my manifesting on track. Thanks so much, Jo”

My Response:  “Hi Jo, thanks for reaching out to me. Here’s what I do to stay focused on my Dream Goals as I follow our method.

– Make photocopies of the front and back of my current KeyCard™ and place them in the following locations so that I can refer to them whenever there’s a free moment:  Next to the bed, in the bathroom, inside the medicine cabinet, at my desk, inside the book I’m reading as my bookmark, in my car, in the kitchen, etc. As I go throughout each day my goals and dreams are always in my peripheral vision feeding the subconscious mind.
– Whenever I have a few minutes I meditate on my dream sketch (on back of my card) and pray for God to lead me to it quickly.
– I Memorize my KeyCard™, front and back. This way it’s easy to go through it in my mind before and after a nap or bedtime.
– Throughout the day I thank God for my gifts, talents and passions (listed on front of the KeyCard™).
– Throughout the day I think about my biggest dream goal and the picture of it on back of the card. Feel the feelings now and ask God to lead the way.

-With your cell phone, take a picture of the front and back of your KeyCard™. Save it and look at it whenever you have an extra minute.
Key, be sure to follow every Divine nudge that you receive because these usually lead to your dream goal either directly or indirectly. People who don’t manifest much tend to be weak when it comes to this essential action step. Tell yourself often, ‘I take action on every lead that comes my way.’ Then, do it!”

Once you have success, post your story on our Facebook page below to enter our testimonial contest. You’ll have a chance to win cash and prizes.

Live Your Dreams!

Dina Beauvais (See the Los Angeles Times’ Top “Recession Buster”!)

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