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Mind to Market (Intellectual Property)

All inventions were first created in the mind, in the imagination. Brainstorm needed products, systems or methods that can make the quality of life better for people. Think about what is greatly needed right now. Don’t look for opportunity in the distance, search for it right where you are!

Dedicate a notebook to all of your ideas – an “inventor’s notebook”.  Write down every single innovative idea that you have with the date the idea was conceived and sign the bottom of the page. Make drawings of your product ideas.

  • Don’t tell ANYONE about your ideas! (You can tell your spouse.)
  • Hand draw pictures of your ideas and write a detailed explanation in your inventor’s notebook.
  • Do an exhaustive Google search to see if your idea already exists.
  • Search existing patents at
  • Go to several stores to see if you can find anything like your idea and ask the manager if people are asking for a product like your innovation.
  • Once you are sure your idea does not exist and you’re confident it will be in demand, file a PPA (Provisional Patent Application) with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office
  • $110 will be payable to the USPTO. Your idea will be protected for 1 year and you can say, “patent pending”
  • Use the Dream Program Kit to manifest your invention that will improve the quality of life for people.
  • This gives you a chance to tweak your idea and send in improved versions of your invention before your 1 year has expired. 
  • Make sure to reference your prior PPA’s when you make changes before your 1 year expiration ($110 every time you make changes).
  • Search on Google for Inventor’s Associations in your area and go to their inexpensive ($5) non-profit meetings to learn about the inventing process and your rights.
  • Google search your local SCORE chapter and receive FREE legal advice as well as FREE business planning from their retired executive volunteers.
  • Navigate to learn all about inventing.
  • Sign up for a FREE weekly newsletter at ($800 course to learn how to license your idea for royalties).
  • Do your best to not pay anyone to market your idea!  Most of them just want your up front money.

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Let your imagination run wild!