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Since 1986 I have been living what I teach in this revolutionary new book, Dream to Destiny. I practice what I preach. I went from being suicidal and poor to living a fulfilled life of abundance in a short amount of time (three years) after applying the method contained in our new book, Dream to Destiny. For nearly 25 years I’ve been a tenacious student, practitioner and teacher of personal excellence, working hard to become my very best and helping others do the same. One of my strengths is immediately applying things I learn and putting them into daily practice. As I have done this, new insights have been gained. Over the years I have tested and experimented with many systems. Those that worked, I kept. Those that didn’t, I discarded. After two decades of research, study and practice I created the patent pending method contained  in this book and Kit. In 2009 The Los Angeles Times voted our Dream Program Kit which includes our Dream to Destiny book, the #2 “Recessions Buster”! What a great honor.

There is a fatal flaw in the books, movies and CD programs that teach about the law of attraction. Several important keys are missing. For this reason, many people who try to follow these programs fail miserably. I will share with you the hidden keys that, when applied, will help you manifest dream after dream in your life like my clients and I have.


The greatest success I’ve achieved is a well-balanced life spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally and financially. This was a lofty dream for me because I came from a life of zero balance and pure chaos.

What is “success” to you? In my view, far too many consider success the attainment of material wealth or a high level of recognition in their field, usually accompanied by money and possessions. Material wealth does not equal success, and success does not equal material wealth.

I believe success is achieving a level of fulfillment, excellence and balance that fills your life with purpose, joy and a passion for what matters to you most. Our lives should also contribute to the greater good somehow. Wealth is not wrong and it is not bad, but wealth by itself does not measure success. A person might live on a very modest income, but if they love what they do, they can support themselves or their family and benefit their community, they can be very successful without material wealth.

Too often riches are accompanied by interpersonal disaster, family tragedy or emotional upheaval. You can have millions of dollars and possessions galore but be personally or morally bankrupt. Life lived this way misses the mark of true success.

Ultimately, you must determine your priorities and what success means to you. A successful life to me achieves excellence and balance emotionally, spiritually, physically, relationally and financially. My husband and I also want to benefit the common good, making a difference in the world around us. Achieving and maintaining this kind of balance is true wealth. These are the measures I strive for and how I determine success. Consider now what success means to you.

Note:  The term “manifest” or “manifesting” means this- for something to appear, become apparent or come into a state of reality or being. How this happens is through The 3 Powers combined simultaneously of which God is the GREATEST!  This is discussed in detail throughout Dream to Destiny.

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