Thoughts Lead to Reality

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Testimonials are emailed to us often and we are SO thankful that many people around the globe have been led to our Dream Kit or Dream to Destiny book to turn their lives around. We teach how powerful our thinking is and that thoughts lead to our reality. Kylie’s story (below) demonstrates this fact. May you be encouraged and inspired to realize your dreams that lead to your destiny as well.

“Hi Dina,

I want to write to Thank you! Your appearance on Wife Swap changed my life. Nearly 2 years ago all was going really well for me but I was struck down with a virus which still affects me today in the form of fatigue among other symptoms. In January this year I ended up in the Emergency Department with an adrenal crash and the doctor ordered that I take six months off work. About four months into the six months off work, I binged watching Wife Swap and was watching your episode. Something in me clicked. I suddenly realized how focused on ‘sickness’ my thoughts had become. I was waking up thinking nothing but, ‘I am too sick to get up today’ and replaying the same message all day long then going to sleep focusing on how unwell I was.

The Sunday before watching your episode of Wife Swap my Pastor had prayed for me to get better, which caused me a measure of healing. After watching your show I immediately changed the way I thought. I looked at everything you had online and downloaded your book and I can’t begin to tell you how different my life is now. I immediately started to plan my perfect life and things quickly started to happen. I am now in a job where I earn exactly what I said I would earn, and I have written the book my Pastor predicted I would write. The book has 21 principles of how to think in a more positive way and is called ‘Changing Trains of Thought. My website is with the E-Book version of Changing Trains of Thought now available. The plan is to start running workshops aligning with the 21 principles in my book next year. I am believing now for this excellent life to continue through the years. So, thank you Dina, you have changed my life!”  Kylie Welch

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