Does The Dream Program really work?


“I’m the other mom from our Wife Swap show. The producer was very manipulative with both of us. During filming I never had time to find out the truth about Dina or the Dream Program. We were told by production only what they wanted us to know, true or not. Since then my family has suffered many tragedies including my husband having cancer. The “New Dream Program Kit + Mentoring” from Dina has changed my life! My husband’s cancer is gone, I’m losing weight, getting new teeth & …”

– Sherrie Clayton, “Beauvais/Clayton Wife Swap Episode”


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“The ‘Dream Program Kit’ is the only manifesting method that has ever worked for me! Thank you, Dina, for creating this amazing program!” – Shannon P., WA


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“My husband got an amazing job after following this method for only 2 weeks & we’re living in our dream home! ‘Dream to Destiny’ & the Dream Program are such an important part of our life.” – Betsy S., California


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“I’m achieving dream after dream on this program. After applying this method I was featured on the Rachael Ray Show as a Jennifer Lopez makeover look alike…” – Sandra P., New York


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Susan Babbington

“My life has changed dramatically after following this method. Thank you Dina and the Dream Program…” – Susan B., Nevada


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Natalie Fischer

“I’ve been out of work & looking for a job for a while. After following the Key Card exercises in your book I landed a job right away. One month after following the program I still have multiple job offers coming out of the woodwork. Thank you, Dream Program!” – Natalie F., Arizona


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Natalie 3 big dreams in 5 months

“Thank you for helping me discover and ACHIEVE 3 of my BIG dreams w/in 5 months. You encouraged me to be diligent applying The 7 Keys & The 3 Powers to manifest my dreams. It WORKED! In the midst of the recession, I landed my dream teaching job in my dream city – Denver, CO & found the man of my dreams who also lives in Denver. You’re invited to our wedding in the Colorado Mountains (my dream since I was a little girl)! People have nothing to lose & everything to gain by following this AWESOME Dream Program!” –Natalie M., Colorado


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daniel testimonial

“The Dream & Gift Assessment in this life changing program helped me realize my true dream of being in a professional band & having a Hit Album. Through the Keys in this program, I’ve been able to achieve my dream within 12 months. Thank you for inspiring & coaching me.” – Dan, Drummer, Hello Hollywood, Phoenix, AZ


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Georgi, Tempe, AZ

“Thank you, Dream Program, for helping me discover my TRUE dreams & gifts as I went through your soul searching assessment. You taught me how to manifest my dream by combining The 3 Powers- God, mind & passion. As I followed your unique KeyCard exercise, I prayed for a ‘good job serving the poor’. In only 4 weeks, God brought me a ‘GREAT job serving the poor’. Now I know how to manifest many more dreams. This is a practical program that works!” – Georgi S., Arizona


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Dean Cocks, Australia

“I’m 22 years old living in Melbourne, Australia. I initially saw you on Wife Swap here, went on your website & bought a copy of ‘Dream to Destiny’. I’m in love with it!

For 3 weeks I’ve been smoke free. My lungs are healthy and clear now after 4 years of a bad habit replaced with good substitutes & positive affirmations.

The Dream to Destiny book GREATLY ASSISTED ME! Your program has turned my last 4 weeks of work around making my days much better re-connecting me with God. I have been receiving amazing messages and inspiration daily. WOW. I am telling anyone & everyone who will listen about your book and program, crew on planes, restaurant staff, friends & family etc.” – Dean C., Australia


“Everything on my Dream Board has come true w/in 3 months. I sold my house in Ohio, moved to Florida, found a home near the beach, am volunteering w/ abandoned & abused animals & drum roll please…I’m going on the first date I’ve been on since 1974.Thank you, Dream Program!” – Linda F., Florida



“Dina Beauvais pours out her heart to our ‘Drug Court Kids’ (teens on probation w/ the AZ Courts) putting on Dream Workshops to inspire & motivate them to tap into their natural resources (their gifts, talents & time) to achieve their dreams. Dina is making an INCREDIBLE difference in the lives of our teens & their families. She relates w/ them on an emotional level which really helps them get a vision for their lives. Dina will INSPIRE you too.” – Ingrid, Arizona Government


Shawn Ford

“I was very skeptical at first, having been through several other attempts to discover my calling. I have to admit, though, that through Dina’s unique questionnaire, & especially the coaching session, she was able to draw out of my heart, my true passion – which no one else has been able to do! Only 3 months after going through the Dream Program, I was offered a miraculous promotion at work. Thank you!” – Sean F., California


Shawn Ford

“I really wanted to thank you for writing your book “Dream to Destiny”. I suffer from anorexia and in your book I have found strength in myself I didn’t realize I had, strength I am using to fight my eating disorder. Since reading your book, I have been managing to eat more. The Dream Program changed my life (and my family’s)! Never can I thank you enough!!!” – Love, Chloe Edwards


There will be MIRACLES when you ASK, BELIEVE & TAKE ACTION!

“I was homeless but took the few techniques that you shared with the poor people on Wife Swap. I trimmed my hair, started the affirmations & manifested a better situation. I am trying now to get working. Thanks for helping me, Mark & Dina. I love you!” – Keith, Elkhart, IN


“I read your book a few months ago & continue to be surprised by the effects of my changing attitude & results. I’ve been able to narrow my focus on what I want to do for work, helping people in crisis, & am very optimistic about becoming a 9-1-1 operator. I am thinking positively about being my “best self.” Also, I was inspired by your intention to be at your best weight. Since the beginning of the year I’ve lost 10 pounds without trying all that hard. Bonus! Thank you again for your good work.”


Denise w/Donnie and Marie Osmond “Thank you, Dina for encouraging me to go after my dreams! After applying a few of the Keys in this program, I started working with Donnie and Marie Osmond, a dream come true. Plus I secured a part in Halle Barry’s upcoming movie. Keep on encouraging people to have faith pursuing their dreams. You’re so right about using our gifts, talents and passions to step into our destiny.” -Denise, Singer Los Angeles, CA
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Cynthia Tisdale “Dina is by far the best in helping all achieve their dreams. She first helps them remove the clutter from their brains to define what their dreams truly are. She then assists in giving you the tools in which to attain your dreams. Her book ‘Dream to Destiny’ has change my life for the better. This fantastic publication plus subsequent conversations with this brilliant author/person has given me purpose and focus to attain my dreams. If you are looking for that special person to help you find yourself and your goals and dreams, Dina is that person.” – Cynthia Tisdale, Webster Groves, MO


Cynthia Tisdale “Dina is by far one of the most inspirational and devoted consultants I have ever worked with. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and provides expert advice. I have always been able to rely on Dina to meet my needs and she does so beyond my expectations. Her book ‘Dream to Destiny’ has changed my life by giving me purpose and focus. She lays out a simple process to achieving dreams and living a life of abundance. Not only is she an excellent author and consultant, but she is also very personable and will go out of her way to make sure that any of her clients’ needs are being met. I have been able to reach Dina on many occasions without a problem and she has always responded quickly. I would highly recommend Dina for any company or individual who wants a more personal approach to achieving their deepest desires!” – Natalie Mino, Denver, CO


Tonja Wilkes “After 2 years of being laid off, my fiancé got a job, thanks to him applying the steps given to us in the Dream Program. Prior to receiving our DP Kit we were bitter and angry with our situation. This sour attitude only put us in a downward spiral until the DP Kit set us straight and back on track for success.” – Tonja Wilkes, Chatanooga, TN


Annie Marques “Thank you Mark and Dina Beauvais for this amazing system laid out in the ‘Dream Program Kit’! After applying your method I’m now happier than ever and living my dreams. I wanted to work with autistic children but there were no specialty centers near my home. After following your method which includes praying and visualizing, miraculously an autism center just opened across the street from my home and I just got a job there. Thank you again and again for sharing your secrets with us.”– Annie Marques, Atlanta, GA



Kathy Delaney “I love the Dream Program and your book, ‘Dream to Destiny’! I am so happy to be a part of it. Your method Works! After trying to figure out how to get a more revenue coming in while searching for a job, it came to me, ‘Rent out a room in our home’. (We have a large house and all of our kids are gone.)
I wrote out our goal on paper and prayed to God to send us a tenant who has the following characteristics: Loving, caring, kind and honest. I visualized the tenant and guess who walked in our home today (one day later) to look at the room. Yup – a loving, caring, kind and very, very honest couple. They’re moving in the third week of November. It all worked out perfectly. God Bless!” – Kathy Delaney, New Bedford, MA


Sarah Giovinetti “I am manifesting my dreams after creating a dream board, saying my keycard affirmations morning and night and practicing your techniques. I now have a closer relationship with God, thanks to you! It’s funny I have read so many of the books you mention in ‘Dream to Destiny’, however your book is the only one that really made sense to me and was easy to instantly apply to my life! I am so glad that you are giving your beauty, grace and compassion to the world! I have been searching and searching for years to find someone worthy of ‘looking up to’, wanting to emulate – from a personal, family and business stand point. I knew the minute that I saw you on Wife Swap, I had to know who you were! We live in a world full of chaos, negativity and nonsense. You are like a breath of fresh air! It is nice to meet someone that is truly concerned about others’ well being and their souls! I feel blessed to know that you have graced me with knowledge for my soul and you have given me food for life! It’s difficult to put into words how your wisdom from God has affected me! Thank you!” – Sarah G., Turnersville, NJ


Sarah Giovinetti “Thanks be to God for Dina and Mark Beauvais! Using the dream program has made one of my dreams come true of being a hair stylist for someone in the entertainment industry. I will be in Las Vegas soon doing hair for singer/actress, Denise Fuleihan. Can’t wait for what’s ahead!” – Margie Nance, Whittier, CA


Sarah Giovinetti “Wow, after reading and doing the exercises in your book, ‘Dream to Destiny’ I am now confident to pursue my dreams and passions. I don’t want to put my destiny on hold any longer! I absolutely love your hands-on advice and DTQ (DreamTouch Questionnaire)!
All is going GREAT in my “New Life” after reading your book! I’m dating someone amazing. I’m entering a business deal and my health is improving! My world is shaken for the better. Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m so much happier going through life and about my work. But now I realize that this is how life is meant to be when we’re stepping into our divine destiny. Thank you!” – Adriana in Sweden


Sarah Giovinetti “These challenging times have brought many in our society face to face with overwhelmingly difficult financial conditions never foreseen. Thankfully ‘Dream to Destiny’ and the ‘Dream Program Kit’ by Dina Beauvais are amazing resources to help guide us through these rough waters. As an avid reader in anything ‘positive’ I can say that this is one of the best books written in this field, hands down. Ms. Beauvais has done years of research gathering solid spiritual and scientific principles which she extensively self-tested to back up her writings. Her grounded and pragmatic approach clearly lays out how we can profoundly change our lives by changing our thoughts, step-by-step. This book truly condenses the last 100 years of study on the subject into one book. An added treat is Beauvais’ willingness to share her life story along the way which is a fascinating testimony to the power of positive thinking and the will to overcome adversity. Don’t miss this one. It’s A+ on my list.” – Rev. Ardyth Morehouse, Vancouver, WA


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